Party 934FM: Samantha V Hutton’s: The Witching Hour

Created and produced a one hour radio drama series (well more sitcom series) on Party 934 FM, which went live online and to the Hudson Valley in New York every Sunday morning. For over 5 years.

Progressing the radio show’s concept, it has now been published in books, audiobooks and in the works to becoming an animation. (A 3 minute animated sample can be seen on YouTube here!)

Concept: The story of a fourteenth century witch who is resurrected by the bungling staff of Goatshead Castle. However, something went unexpectedly wrong during the ritual, and Samantha V Hutton, who was once the scourge of England, returned after five centuries in limbo, deluded and very childish. She now believes herself to be the biggest celebrity the world has ever seen. And if you believe her delusions, you might just survive a visit to her home Goatshead Castle unharmed!

My show also developed further interest and is supported by some famous faces you might recognise below.

Celebrity Listeners:

Simon Bamford (Butterball from Hellraiser 1 & 2)
The lovely,
Debbie McGee

Sam Fox

Biff Byford (Lead singer of Saxson)

Lesley Bannatyne (Author to many publications about Halloween)
James Tipper (Author of Gods of Nowhere: A Novel of Halloween)
Wayne Russell (Award winning Actor for Curio)
Martin Philip (Swedish Musician)
M.A Marino (Author of Witch Way)
Jeff Green (Comedian)

Brief History of the Show:

Originally I was aiming to create my show as a wise-cracking witch, introducing songs and even editing over them commentating… But after a few weeks, I realised this wasn’t the most entertaining as I was just talking to myself on air – So then I introduce Luna (my actual black cat’s name) into the show, and we went on a mini adventure, where my character and Luna, bumped into Dr Who (Matt Smith at the time). Once again, soon realising that I was still talking to myself, with only cat noises replying – it proved to not be the most entertaining to listen too…

This was when I had an idea to do little sketches in between songs, and introduced a character named Jeeves, to be my butler, and to bounce dialogue to and from. This seemed to work well, and as time when on, I introduced a Maid character, then the Witch’s cousin into the show, which started become characters themselves! Over the many weeks, the sketches with these characters soon turned into storylines and became full radio sitcom shows. The developments of this show seemed to be causing more interest, and soon other DJs on Party 934 (94.9FM across the Hudson Valley,New York) were lining up to be a guest on my show.

My show also developed further interest and is supported by (as seen above): Beth Broderick (Actress, aka Aunt Zelda from Sabrina the Teenage Witch), Simon Bamford (Butterball from Hellraiser 1 & 2), Sam Fox (Singer), Wayne Russell (Award winning Actor for Curio at LA Movie Awards 2010), James Tipper (Author of Gods of Nowhere: A Novel of Halloween), Lesley Bannatyne (Author to many publications about Halloween), Biff Byford (Lead singer of Saxon), M.A Marino (Author of Witch Way), Martin Philip (Swedish Musician), Jeff Green (Comedian) and Debbie McGee (Magicians assistant and BBC Radio Presenter).

This is where the origin to the Samantha V Hutton, comedy witch and her peculiar characters began.

. . .

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