Audio Engineering

I have been a freelance audio engineer and producer since 2015, working on a vast variety of audiobooks, radio dramas and podcasts.
My clients are always very happy with the professional quality, dedication and precision delivered on each final product.

Can work with many different DAWs such as;

  • Pro Tools
  • Adobe Audition
  • Reaper
  • Audacity

Clients Include:


“Samantha is great to work with, she needs little to no direction and always comes back with professional work! Can’t recommend her enough!” Angela Lake, Author

“Such a fast turn around, and always gets things done for our tight deadlines. AMAZING!”
Wayne Alexander, The Podcast in the Backseat

A little about me:

Audio editing has always been a passion of mine, the first time it really hit me deep into wanting to pursue an active career in it was when I was the age of 5. Listening to Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds fascinated me, the beauty of conjuring up images in my head without seeing any visuals was an amazing thing for such a youngster. Still to this day, I listen to War of the World and would love to create something equally as brilliant!

Trusted by clients worldwide to deliver fast, professional audio works to meet production/project needs!