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An animation has been in the works for a while, but since life brings you lemons… No I jest, more like problems. Developments of this project went on hold. Dare I mention that dreaded C word, which plagued us all for the last 2 years? No? Yeah, I guess that goes without saying. *cackles*
Nevertheless, things are finally starting to move forward again with this animation and below is a little taster animation for the introduction, to that pesky comedy witch!

Samantha V Hutton Animation: Origin to The English Witch with the Magical Voice

The above animation was crafted and conjured up with myself and artist/animator Lisa Lau back in 2018.

So, without further ado.

What’s the concept to the show? I hear you ask.

Welly, it is the story of a fourteenth century witch who is resurrected by the bungling staff of Goatshead Castle. However, something went unexpectedly wrong during the ritual, and Samantha V Hutton, who was once the scourge of England, returned after five centuries in limbo, deluded and very childish. She now believes herself to be the biggest celebrity the world has ever seen. And if you believe her delusions, you might just survive a visit to her home Goatshead Castle unharmed!

The Usual Suspects:

The peculiar characters who live at Goatshead Castle are…

Samantha V Hutton – The Witch. *cackles*
The main character, (characteristic as mentioned above) the only time she shows any true emotion is when she is with her familiar Luna, her black cat.

Jeeves, is the witch’s reluctant butler. He was turned immortal by Samantha, but being immortal when aged in your late 70s is no breeze in the park. And of course, any opportunity he has he will certainly play up to being this age. A grumpy old chap, through and through.

Usually seen in the local pub drinking whisky throwing his weight around at all the village folk and talking nonsense. He tries everything in his power to weasling his way out of doing any work. And loves making the maid’s life a living hell.

Just like a typical goodie-two-shows, she loves nothing more then to tattle-tail on, mainly Jeeves and Amanda whenever they are up to no good. (Which is often.) She always means well and just wants to be constantly reminded that she’s a good worker by the witch, who doesn’t like to issue compliments much.

The maid is also immortal. But, unfortunately for her the witch in her younger years cast a curse on the maid. So if she ever walks beyond Goatshead Castle gates she will be turned to stone, just like her sister.
Nevertheless, this curse doesn’t make her hate the witch, in fact she feels the reverse for her.

Amanda is a witch born without magical abilities. As you can imagine, this witch has to result into other methods to sort problems out. And a problem causer she is too! A cockney lady, who is willing to flirt or fight with anyone to get her way. Often, guilt trips Samantha into getting things or being a general bad influence on all around her.

She is very resentful of her deluded cousin Samantha, since she is gifted with unimaginable powers and wealth – Amanda finds it crazy that her cousin doesn’t use them gifts wisely, or at least what she considers to be wisely. Waa-heey-heeey!

All the artwork above was crafted by Lisa Lau.

Other Wonderful Illustrations by Various Artists

Always looking to work with artists/animators, among other like-minded creatives for this. So don’t be shy to reach out!

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