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Audiobooks Narrated by Samantha V Hutton

I have narrated and produced over 30 audiobooks for a number of different authors.

I narrate primarily children’s books, this is where I love to incorporate my audio engineering skills too, as I always find that audiobooks are more then just words being read. I want to create a new engaging world for the listener and produce them more as an audio play/radio drama they are listening in on.
Fortunately, most authors I’ve worked with have also loved my creativity and thoroughly enjoyed all the music and sound effects added to them.

These titles are all on sale at Amazon, Audible and iTunes.
A full list of them can be seen on my Equity credits page here, or click on the audio titles below where a sample can be heard on Amazon.

Some Samples:

Other Samples can be heard below.
The links direct you to the Amazon pages.

The Tiny Spider Joins a Race (Tiny spider series) by Sarah L. Bowman
Christmas Is Near by Rebecka Lynn
The Cheese Witch by Rebecka Lynn
My Vegetables Came to Life by Rebecka Lynn
Guaranteed Success for Grade School by Marrae Kimball
The Snowman by Angela Lake
Two Brothers Find Happiness by Asami Rika
You are Beautiful: Bedtime Story for Kids by Gaby W
The Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day by Tesla Pine
The Leopard by Gaby W
I Love my Sister: Children by Angela Lake
The Little Boy and the Hunter by Asami Rika
Merry Christmas by Asami Rika
Happy Halloween: Bedtime Story for Kids by Asami Rika
Medicinal Herbs: A beginners guide to Medicinal Herbs by Erik Smith
The Hard to Please Princess by Nicole Russin-McFarland
The Three Greedy Mice by Asami Rika
A Cat and his Secret Friend: Children Books by Asami Rika
The Chicken and the Snakes by Asami Rika
I Need a Friend: Children Books by Asami Rika
Snow White by Angela Lake
The Little Girl and the Magic Purse by Jill White
The Monkey and the Cat by Asami Rika
Adventure Time by Asami Rika
The Fox’s Magical Blackberries by Asami Rika
A Fox’s Love by Asami Rika
The Soccar Boy by Asami Rika
I Love Vegetables: Bedtime Stories by Angela Lake
An Egyptian Story Moon by Asami Rika
Secret Garden by Asami Rika

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