Classic Tales & Narrators

Loving classic tales, I wanted to present some re-tellings of classic fairy stories which I hope newer generations can read/hear and appreciate for many years to come.

For these audiobooks, I worked with many talented voice actors, ranging from movie actors to radio presenters and podcast producers.

These include;

True Fairy Stories Narrated by Robert L. Jackson (AKA Mojo Jojo from The Power Puff Girls)
The Fairy Glass Narrated by Steve Humes
The Magic-Fishbone Narrated by Rob Izenberg
The Two Samurai Narrated by Todd Curless
Witchery Ways Narrated by Patrick Montello
A Fairy’s Night Dream Narrated by T. W. Ashworth
Karl and Gretchen’s Christmas Narrated by Ted Doolittle
The Wishing Fairies Narrated by Kim Bretton
The Fat Frog of Pau Narrated by Steven Ritz-Barr
Twilight Fairy Tales Narrated by AnnaLisa Bodther
Girls: I love my Little Sister Narrated by Anna Grace Conover
The Animal’s Christmas Tree Narrated by Carrie Coello

A link to hear a sample of these on Amazon can be heard by clicking on the titles above.

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