Listen to the podcast series, following the adventures of the peculiar characters who live at Goatshead Castle, below.

The Curious Case of the Toothbrush User! Adventures at Goatshead Castle

In this weeks episode: Things start to turn a little surreal, for some.  Samantha uncovers that some unusual creature has decided it's okay to use her toothbrush and the Lambton Worm Junior, has a lot of important things (he claims) to tell our resident witch.  Else where the Lambton Worm Junior, thinks if the Loch Ness can be a tourist attraction then surely the River Tyne can be with his Wormy water supplied! All Samantha had planned today was to speak to her adoring fans (she claims) – *sighs* what's a witch to do? Listen now to find out!  But be warned, not for the faint-hearted – this episode is full of dodgy accents, characters and terrible eye-rolling word plays. *cackles*
  1. The Curious Case of the Toothbrush User!
  2. Witchy Delusions & Halloween Party set up (Sort of)

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