Voice Reel:

Samantha V Hutton is a professional audio artist accredited with Equity (UK Actors Union), who has been a professional actress since 2014 and undertaken a number of voice over work for a variety of clients in various industries and sectors.

After being on radio for over 5 years, and gaining celebrity endorsements she wanted to peruse her narrative and characters she created on radio into other forms of media. And in May 2018, she started up her own company; Goatshead Castle Productions, where she has brought her strange and unusual characters to life in publications… But this was still only the beginning, Samantha V started narrating audiobooks (primarily children’s books) for other authors and once she worked on her craft from them, she began narrating her own publications.

Aiming to bring the characters she constructed and played on radio to life, she began collaborating with artist and animator, Lisa Lau, who created a three-minute pilot, which is now available free to Amazon Prime members.

This animation was first screened on a Kickstarter page, which hit the target in December of 2018, and was put forward for two film festivals, Pinewood Studio’s The Lift-Off Sessions and the Jamaican festival: KingstOOn 2019.

To help generate interest and funds for the next production, which will be a 20-minute animation of a Halloween special, Lisa and Samantha have created the first in a series of books under the sister publishing company (of Goatshead Castle Productions), called Panda Witch Books. The first publication was released in 2019 – titled: Luna and the Halloween Pumpkin.

To hire Samantha V Hutton for voice over work, acting, etc, please don’t hesitate to contact her via this page.


Copyright: Luna the Cat and the Halloween Pumpkin by Samantha V Hutton. Artwork by: Lisa Lau