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After working with Lisa Lau on the short animation: Samantha V Hutton – Origin to the English Witch with the Magical Voice.
Samantha and Lisa teamed up to create children’s picture books and audiobooks aiming to create cute stories to enchant young and old readers and listeners.

All written and narrated by: Samantha V Hutton

All illustrations by: Lisa Lau

We welcome you to Panda Witch Books!

Charlie’s Kite

A new sweet tale brought to you by Panda Witch Books!

Charlie was a quiet, sweet child. Very introverted and always deep in her thoughts. She loved nothing more than observing the world and seeing all the wonderful and funny things that life has to offer.

This time, Charlie spied a pretty looking kite causing quite a stir for the other children.

Due to be released June 2023!

Luna the Cat and the Halloween Pumpkin

A sweet bedtime story which tells the tale of Luna (the black cat) and a Halloween Pumpkin, who are longing to find their perfect companions. This audiobook is full of quirky characters and two young witches, who are wishing to meet their ideal familiars. Will they all find what they are wishing for?

This is a heartwarming tale sure to enchant young and old alike!

The Legend of Samantha V Hutton:
The English Witch with the Magical Voice

The story of a 14th-century witch who is resurrected by the bungling staff of Goatshead Castle. However, something went unexpectedly wrong during the ritual, and Samantha V Hutton, who was once the scourge of England, returned after five centuries in limbo, deluded and very childish. She now believes herself to be the biggest celebrity the world has ever seen. And if you believe her delusions, you might just survive a visit to her home Goatshead Castle unharmed!

. . .

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