Games & Animation

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of voicing characters in games and animation. I’ve always been an avid fan of both animations and games and believe this, along with my acting background has aided me during each performance.

The magic of bringing these characters to life has been very rewarding and exciting!

Last Days of Lazarus

Last Days of Lazarus award winning horror game, where I voice the role of Ivona. A ghostly child aiding the main character throughout the game.
Soon to be released on Steam, followed by Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

The Adventures of Livia Stargaze Series

The Adventures of Livia Stargaze – Coming soon. I play the character of Benda. A laid-back alien co-pilot in this Sci-Fi drama. The audio episodes can be heard here!

Under New Management Animation

Under New Management is an original online animation. I am voicing the character named Ms White. The CEO of a high profiled company, who is very arrogant and a self-centered lady with no empathy for others.

Origin to the English Witch with the Magical Voice

An original animation that has been screened online, can be bought from Amazon Prime and has been selected in many festivals, such as Pinewood Studio’s The Lift-Off Sessions and the Jamaican festival: KingstOOn. I voice the witch among other unusual characters. Voicing the character, or should I say my alter ego, the witch!

. . .