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After a few years of producing audio work for clients, and narrating audiobooks for authors – In May 2018, I began writing my own publications all within the realm of my original witchy radio show concept. Aiming to give more dimensions to the characters and more adventurous storylines which would have been hard to do on radio. Once completed and published, later on, I narrated the audiobooks.


Classic Stories Published

Along side working on my animation, books, audiobooks for this witchy concept show, I decided to present some re-tellings of classic fairytail stories which I love and hope that newer generations can read and appreciate for many years to come.

For these publications, I decided to step back doing the narrating and got other voice artists to narrate these publications.

These include;

Publication Title: Narrated by:
True Fairy Stories


Robert L. Jackson (AKA Mojo Jojo from The Power Puff


The Fairy Glass Steve Humes
The Magic-Fishbone Rob Izenberg
The Two Samurai Todd Curless
Witchery Ways Patrick Montello
A Fairy’s Night Dream T. W. Ashworth
Karl and Gretchen’s Christmas Ted Doolittle
The Wishing Fairies Kim Bretton
The Fat Frog of Pau Steven Ritz-Barr
Twilight Fairy Tales AnnaLisa Bodther
Girls: I love my Little Sister Anna Grace Conover
The Animal’s Christmas Tree Carrie Coello


Aiming to still produce a comedy witch animation, I teamed up with artist Lisa Lau to produce a short animation introduction/sample to this, which can be bought from Amazon Prime.


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