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Character Bio’s


Samantha V Hutton (The Witch):

Samantha is a deluded, self-centred five-hundred-year-old witch.

She is an almighty witch with tremendous power, yet she focuses mainly on how she believes everyone adores her and wants her autograph, thinking she is the biggest celebrity on the planet. Whereas in reality, no one knows who she actually is.

Boredom is her main motive for why she does things, as being so powerful she can conjure up anything; there isn’t much she is in need of. As for money, she has endless amounts due to her family wealth throughout the generations, and ownership of Goatshead Castle.

The only thing she seems to show any real emotion for, is her familiar Luna, her black cat, who is never more then two paces away from her.

Whenever Luna shows any signs of illness or unusual behaviours, Samantha flips into her most drama queen mode, without rationalising any thoughts or feelings and all around must abide by her every wish otherwise they will perish and feel the wrath of her.

She believes herself to be the biggest actress known, and can normally be found writing or doing audio work in her study. She is that deluded that she believes even her staff all adore her, despite her finding them incredibly annoying to be around. The maid is the only one who seems to show respect and admiration for her, who she pities most of all since the maid can’t leave the castle grounds without turning to stone – which was done by her own hand, but Samantha can not remember the spell to undo this curse!

Sometimes, Samantha’s childish prankish side gets the better of her, especially around Halloween and she will let her hair down drinking glasses of Bella-Donna Wine (poison to humans, but alcoholic to witches) often in the company of her cousin Amanda, who just like the maid she feels sorry for. But her pity for Amanda mainly stems from the fact she believes that Amanda wishes she was her, as she is a witch born without magical powers, and Samantha believes she got all the looks, intellect and class.

She is fearless and rebellious in all senses, and won’t instantly use magic when in danger but will result to psychical contact. Normally a good slap or punch, but if she is fed up with the nonsense or has no time for ideal chitchat she will turn her enemies/people who disagree with her, or get in her way, into toads without a second thought.

She can be seen always wearing a Halloween witch costume, which many people who come to castle tend to make reference too. She chooses this costume as her normally clothing since it’s the closest (she believes) to her garments which she wore before she was burnt to the stake centuries ago. The villagers don’t actually know who she is, and when they do have the misfortune of going to the castle, they just think she is some eccentric rich girl laughing at her idea of being a witch.

Extremely uninterested in anything other then herself, familiar or castle – so flattery is your best way to get into this witches good books.

Luna (aka Samantha’s Familiar):

A black cat, who is Samantha V’s familiar. Never more then two paces away from her, she may appear to be a cute looking black kitten but is really hundreds of years old.

Whenever angered she can change her form into other creatures of the nights, her most favourite being a deadly giant black panther.

Guardian of Samantha’s powers and possessions – she is devoted to Samantha and loves nothing more then spending quality time with her.

She likes to sleep on her lap as she works, sleeps with her at night in her bed (when she’s done her nightly hunting) and enjoying strokes the most.

Luna talks to Samantha and sometimes keeps her right when making decisions, but Samantha is always easily persuaded when it comes to Luna.

Witches can understand familiars, but Amanda seems to never listen and forgot how to even understand Luna down to her ignorance. This caused much annoyance for Luna when Samantha was stuck in limbo, as Luna was forced to live with Amanda.

Very similar to Samantha in the snootiness sense, Luna doesn’t care for anyone apart from Samantha. Luna is very clever and on occasions when not next to Samantha, Luna likes to stalks her victims, be it people who she doesn’t like or bats!

Jeeves (aka the Butler):

Jeeves is Samantha’s reluctant butler who was turned immortal by Samantha many centuries ago in aid to bring her back. But being an old butler stuck at the age of 70(ish), he isn’t happy to be immortal and still whinges about all the aches and pains he has… Though you are never sure if he is exaggerating about this or it’s real?

He is a crook at heart, always dodgie dealing and most often seen in the local village at The Slaughterd Lamb Pub, with the witch’s cousin Amanda.

Always out for himself, he is mainly just looking to get lots of money (which he can’t keep a hold of for long), so he can happily drink whisky whenever he pleases.

Much like a bully, he isn’t the muscle of the operation but the one who sticks close to the one with all the power (i.e Samantha), and loves to throw his weight around to the maid, and especially to the villagers in Goatshead Village.

He is originally from Goatshead in the North East of England, but when Samantha was stuck in limbo both him and Amanda (samantha’s witchy cousin), moved down to London to make big money (they thought)… But all that happened was that they ended up more bankrupt then before, and adopted cockney accents in the process – which they can’t seem to get rid of now.

Loretta (aka The Maid):

Very much a tattle-tail and a big gossip. The maid just like Jeeves is immortal and over 500 years old, which was done in aid to bring Samantha back from limbo. Unlike Jeeves however, the maid always wanted to bring Samantha back as soon as possible, but due her not being able to read, she had to keep relying on Jeeves or Amandas help.

When Amanda and Jeeves moved down to London, in hope to become rich, the maid was left alone in the castle. And for centuries was left alone to fend for herself. The villagers at first all felt sorry for the maid, and throughout the years would often visit her bringing her bits of food, gossip. When the telephone was invented, and later the television – the villagers out of pity bought her both of these things to help keep her sane whilst she wandered the big empty castle alone.

Due to her fascination of American soap operas and TV shows, the maid soon gained an American accent!

Once the villagers gifted her with an old television they soon left her alone as they found her incredibly irritating…

Easily spooked and frightened she is mostly seen as a scared innocent maid.

Unless of course its involving Jeeves … Jeeves and her always argue, and she can give as good as she gets with him. And when things get too much, she gets bursts of confidence in her and will thump Jeeves if he deserves it.

She despises Amanda (Samantha’s cousin), as Amanda has no respect for Samantha, the castle and is incredibly messy who expects to be waited on hand and foot by her. She tries her hardest to show Samantha how Amanda is a thief or up to no good – but secretly resents Amanda the most as she is family to Samantha and gets a lot of free things given to her and is the only one who gets to see Samantha’s ‘nicer’ side.

The maids motive is to always serve Samantha, and is so grateful to have her back and to have company again. She is like Samantha’s own personal snitch, who keeps an eye on everyone and runs to Samantha to tell on them who are doing things wrong or dodgie.

Her favourite movie is The Wizard of Oz, and can watch that on repeat. She loves to sing, and would love to be whisked away like a fairytale by her prince charming – which would all be ideal, that is of course if she wasn’t cursed and trapped to live inside Goasthead Castle and grounds. If she goes beyond Goatshead Castle’s gates, she would forever be turned to stone (which her sister Polly – suffered the fate of, who can be seen in the grounds of Goasthead Castle, near the toad pond).

Amanda (Samantha’s cousin):


Very crass, and deluded into thinking she’s the best looking person any guy has met. Amanda is very fearless, and is always thinking of new schemes and dodgie dealings to get quick money – as she can’t keep ahold of it for long.

She is also a witch, but a one, which was born with out magical abilities – which she doesn’t let any one forget, especially Samantha when she’s trying to guilty her way into getting things, or her way.

She likes the villagers to believe she is a fortuneteller, and cons them out of money, jewellery or knowledge that she will later use or sell.

All she cares about is personal gain, mainly for money. Very resentful of her cousin Samantha as she has access to unlimited amounts of money, but if she got that amount of money it’s doubtfull she would know what to do it all.

She has a very healthy appetite when it comes to men, and will try it on with anyone who comes near her or the castle.

If she ever gets into trouble with the police, she with firstly try to use her femine (which are far from femine) charms on them, or do a run-a!

She will generally only be nice to you if she wants something, otherwise she doesn’t give two hoots about anyone else. She particularly dislikes the Maid; as she finds her cute-sie voice irritating, and her ‘goodie-two-shoes’ attitude the worst! She loves nothing more then to cause trouble for the maid, as she knows the maid can’t do anything about it, considering Amanda is Samantha’s cousin.

Always up-to-no good she is normally seen with Jeeves both trying to make get rich schemes.

Amanda although powerless did have a familiar of her own… Which she accidentally lost. It was in the form of a guinea pig.

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