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Original publications following the characters from the Samantha V Hutton show (same characters from Party 934 Radio), can be purchased by clicking on the images below.


Halloween: Adventures at Goatshead Castle


After four years on radio, the characters of Goatshead Castle are now taking the world of literature by storm in this comedic Halloween tale! Starring the witch, known as Samantha V Hutton, who is preparing for her annual Halloween ball, with little to no help from her cousin Amanda, her butler Jeeves or the Lambton Worm Junior, who all seem more interested in telling their stories. Join the Goatshead Castle gang on this comic Halloween adventure full of ghosts, mysteries and very peculiar characters with dark deeds in mind. Be warned – Goatshead Castle is a strange place full of strange people and even stranger beasts! But none more stranger then the Castle maid!

Available in paperback, Kindle and audiobook!


The Lambton Worm Junior: Adventures at Goatshead Castle


The Legend of the Lambton Worm has long been a part of British folklore, but few know that it was a witch known as Samantha V Hutton who conjured the armour that finally brought an end to the fearsome creatures reign of terror. And nobody could have guessed that monstrous worm had spawned a son!
Join Samantha and her cousin Amanda, as they come face to face with the Lambton Worm Junior, in this horrifically comedic, and offensive, adventure of Witches, UFOs and Fidget Spinners.

Available in paperback, Kindle and audiobook!


Other publications, published by Goatshead Castle Productions which are not in the realms of The Samantha V Hutton show…


Frogs and Princesses

Seven short fairy-tales of new beginnings. Bedtime stories for children of all ages, written by the English Witch, Samantha V Hutton, and the Welsh Psychic, Chloris Morgan.

Available in paperback and Kindle!


The Witches Bedtime Stories

Sleep soundly with this selection of bedtime stories for children. Featuring magic, fairies and some very peculiar animals and people. Including the stories: Robin Redbreast – Nitwit and the Toad – The Priest and the Pear-Tree – The Fox and the Raven – Pearl Blossom and The Flying Lion – Growing Funny – Fairy of the Birch Tree – The Man Who Wanted To Live Forever – My Fairy at Home – Tinker-Bell – Learning Magic From Samantha V Hutton – Is it Tuesday? The perfect read for young minds.

Available in paperback and Kindle!


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